Santa Catalina Ranger Station Office/Restroom Remodel, Pima County, AZ

The team completed the remodel of the ranger station office and restroom at the busy Sabino Canyon Trailhead in Pima County. Work activities included demolition/clearing of the existing restroom and kitchen components, all electrical wiring, HVAC, plumbing, flooring, concrete slabs, septic tank, and fence removal. New construction included reinforced footers for header vertical supports, concrete patching and replacement of the floor slab in the restrooms, kitchen, adjacent hallway, and the storage closet. Aggregate placement and compaction occurred under all new concrete floors. Framing of walls and ceiling with standard steel stud construction. New doors and hardware, waterline plumbing, sanitary waste and vent plumbing, sanitary sewer, electrical work, kitchen cabinets and countertops, restroom components and accessories.

Categories: Construction