Air National Guard, Building 5 Renovation Pima County, AZ

Demolition of interior wood framed walls, millwork in designated areas and CMU walls. Removal of ceiling lights and audio, ceiling tile and grid, HVAC supply and return trim grills and cap offends, existing carpet, VCT flooring, unnecessary electrical lighting above ceiling and make ready for new service, all fire alarm, smoke detectors and strobes, sand and prep floor for new carpet and demolition for construction of ADA accessible concrete ramp. New construction included framed interior partition walls, door frames, retexture of all interior drywall, paint, ceiling grid, acoustical ceiling tiles, carpet, LED lights, communications patch panel and all communications required for existing work stations, electrical panel and feeders to work in conjunction with existing electrical panels, fire alarm (smoke detectors and strobes) system, fire suppression sprinkler heads, new supply (31) and return (16) grills connecting to existing HVAC with new
flex duct and connectors. Infrastructure for future accommodations included electrical outlets, phone, and data to accommodate 48 workstations and computers.

Categories: Construction